The Impact of Busy Lifestyles on Australia’s Eating Habits: New Data Reveals Startling Trends


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Over Two-Thirds of Working Australians Have to Order Takeaway Food Every Week.

Insight into the busy lives of working professionals reveals the effect of their career-focused attention on their eating habits.

  • Google searches for ‘quick recipes’ have increased 22% in the last month as being ‘busy’ continues to be a constant lifestyle for many across Australia.
  • Offering insight into the eating habits of working professionals, new research reveals over two-thirds (68%) order takeaway every week whilst 54% eat out every week due to lack of supplies and time to cook at home.

In 2023, we’re living in a time where individuals have their main hustles, side hustles and passion projects whilst raising families all at once, but what effect is this non-stop lifestyle having on the nation’s eating habits?

Healthy, nutritious meals are imperative when it comes to fuelling a busy lifestyle, however, new data from HelloFresh reveals that the busy lifestyles of working Australians mean over two-thirds (68%) have to order takeaway food at some point during the week because they don’t have the time or supplies to cook a meal at home. What’s more, over half (54%) of working Australians say they have to eat out at a restaurant at some point in the week for the same reasons.

The survey revealed that over 1 in 6 working Australians are unable to tear themselves away from their work, and don’t sit down to dinner until after 8.30pm. Employees in administration roles are deemed the worst culprits as they don’t sit down for dinner until after 10pm.

Finally, it seems that working Australians don’t leave their busy lives at the office with 1 in 5 saying they have three people to prepare meals for when they’re home from work.


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