Gintonica Selling Aussie Gin Platform


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Best known for their 24 x 30mL and 50mL Australian Craft Gin Advent Calendars – enjoyed by thousands of gin lovers every December since 2017 – Gintonica announced in a press release today that the brand would be selling.

“The team and I are proud to have contributed to the promotion and rise in popularity of Australian Gin and, more recently, Whisky, but now it is time to hand over the reins to new passionate gin lovers who, I am sure, will take it to the next level.”

David Box – Founder, Gintonica

The sale will include the business names, a significant database, websites, stock and media content.

“I have decided to focus the ongoing business on distillery services, under the name ‘Spirited Bottlers‘.”

David Box – Founder, Gintonica – continues.

This will include contract filling, capping and labelling bottles for distilleries, as well as supply of bespoke packaging and Gintonica’s own exclusively sourced 30mL and 50mL bottles.

The stage of progress of the sale was not mentioned, nor was a transaction value.

For more information on the Gintonica sale, contact invest@gintonica.com.au

About Gintonica

Founded in 2017 by David Box, Gintonica has become a leader in promoting Australian Gin tasters. More recently the business launched into Australian Craft Whisky under the brand WhiskyRocks. Gintonica’s focus is in producing 30mL and 50mL tasting bottles and then packaging them as Advent Calendars, Tasting Packs, Gin Subscriptions, Gin Gift Packs and Cocktail Packs. Over 400 Australian Craft Gins have been featured by Gintonica.