Australia Gets Its First Taste of Lamborghini


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For the first time in history, the iconic Italian luxury car brand brings Lamborghini Wine to Australian shores.

Direct from the Lamborghini family vineyards in Umbria, Italy, comes a suite of wines available to purchase for any special occasion, extravagant event or generous gift.

Daughter of legendary founder, Ferruccio Lamborghini, Patrizia Lamborghini is passionate about the success of the winery and says that the link with the land connects her to her father.

“From these vines, my father’s name lives on. I believe he would be so proud to see what we have produced,” said Ms Lamborghini.

“Already having a presence in America, UK and Europe, we are so pleased to be bringing Lamborghini Wine to Australia,” Ms Lamborghini said. 

Lamborghini DJ Luminoso (above left), a featured SKU on the Lamborghini Wine website, states ‘an Australian-first party experience with its technologically advanced specialised design matching the music’ – while the slightly less contemporary, Metodo Classico Vintage Brut and Rose (above right) provide alternatives with a classic appeal.

Exclusive importer and distributor of Lamborghini Wines Australia and Founder of Bon Vivant Global, Matt Hanson says this is exactly what Australia has been waiting for.

“The Lamborghini range is luxe like we’ve never seen. Perfect for an A-list yacht party or a fancy dinner date, a Lamborghini Wine offers the highest quality produce paired with an exhilarating and unique customer experience,” Mr Hanson said.

“From buying single bottles to box sets, we have thought about all the finer details. Make a statement and a lifetime memory with Lamborghini Wine,” said Mr Hanson.

The Lamborghini Wine launch range includes: 

  • Metodo Classico Vintage Brut and Rose (Bio Organic)
  • Gold Brut
  • Platinum Brut
  • DJ Brut 
  • Titano Cabernet Sangiovese
  • Campoleone Sangiovese Merlot
  • Torami Cabernet Sangiovese
  • Era Sangiovese
  • Trescone Cabernet Merlot Sangiovese

For more information, head to https://www.lamborghiniwine.com.au/.