Queen of Hoxton Masquerade and Winter Rooftop


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Raul Sadhwani (London), shares his experience at the launch of The Queen of Hoxton’s Winter Rooftop in London’s Shoreditch.

The Queen of Hoxton has launched their cozy winter terrace for the upcoming season. The unveiling was celebrated with a masquerade event where guests donned Venetian masks and enjoyed a night filled with Venetian-themed drinks under the warm glow of decorative chandeliers and good company. 

Entering the rooftop began like every visit to The Queen of Hoxton’s terrace. However, this time upon rising up the seemingly never-ending staircase, guests were greeted at the top, not by the familiar scene of open space and sky, instead, a newly erected tent-like undercover space draped in plush fabrics. Large tables were placed around the perimeter with low-hanging chandeliers emitting warm light into the surprisingly cavernous space.

When passing through to the other side of the entrance scene, guests were received by two kind hosts offering a choice of welcome drinks. On the same terrace level, outside that structure, the familiar environment opens up with the addition of welcome fireplaces across the popular rooftop. Guests enjoyed deliciously inventive Venetian-inspired cocktails and finger foods throughout the night.

Prepared for the winter season, patrons can expect to feel cozy in a beautiful space, while enjoying the fresh Shoreditch nights ahead.