Aussie steakhouse brings Popular dining experience to London’s Mayfair 


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Guest contributor, Raul Sadhwani (London), shares a recount of his dining experience at the venue opening and first international outpost of The Meat and Wine Co.

As you approach the Meat and Wine Co. from the upmarket Curzon St located in London’s Mayfair, it feels very private and sheltered from the outside streetscape. Passing through the threshold of its front doors, the experience opens and you are transported into the world of some very well equipped staff. 

A stark white diorama of the harbours of London and Cape Town hangs on the wall to greet guests as they enter the restaurant. It is subtle enough to be missed as guests are ushered to their seat in the main dining room beyond. This piece of art sets the tone for the dining experience guests will have. It instantly conveys the concept: an afro-european hybrid fine-dining experience planted in London’s Mayfair that is unfussy and approachable. This concept ties into the fabric of everything at the Meat and Wine Co. but what makes the experience unique and special is that the venue doesn’t scream its global influences in your face.

The interior utilizes warm earth tones, intricate textiles and high-end materials to create an upscale and luxurious but cozy vibe for guests. Black reflective panels on the ceiling give a feeling of expansiveness to the interior. Natural textured elements such as the continuous curved rope wall and patterned fabrics and tiles reinforce this feeling of expansiveness. Calming nature sounds over the bathroom speakers, further transport guests. 

The food and drinks program continues the journey around the globe. Delicious skewered meats inspired by South African dishes, a lightly fried calamari serve (with a Thai Nam Jim reminiscent of quality Australian beach bistros), a selection of Aussie, American and European beef with sauce including African Chilli and Chimichurri, and desserts such as Malva Pudding – a South African staple – adorn the menu and are all executed with an attention to detail that is refined, yet approachable. 

Accessible to Londoners and travellers alike, The Meat and Wine Co. successfully transports guests to the world of its much-loved influences, right from the streets of Mayfair.