Negronis to Nietzsche: Cocktails and Philosophy with Elena Urbani


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Episode 166

For long-time listeners, the name ‘Mancino ’ might sound familiar. Giancarlo Mancino, the company’s founder, was one of the earliest guests on the program – at Episode 11, back in 2017. Now, a key player in the world of vermouth and aperitivos, Mancino is collaborating with EcoSpirits on a brand new low-waste packaging format.

Elena Urbani, is paid to tour the globe and share that news – as Mancino Vermouth’s Global Brand Ambassador. Successful in her own right – having navigated a hospitality career spanning London’s top cocktail bars (Mr Fogg’s, Nightjar and A Bar with Shapes for a Name) to a role as Commis Chef at the Michelin-starred restaurant, ‘Frog’ by Adam Handling – Elena also has a keen interest in philosophy and enrolled in an entire degree in it during the pandemic.

Recorded in the back room of the award-winning cocktail bar, Above Board, we cover a great deal in this interview – and somehow only skim the surface of Elena’s multifaceted interests.