Deliverect and Lightspeed Hospitality with Zhong Xu

Zhong Xu created the first iPad Point-of-Sale (POS) in the EMEA region, ten years ago. This SaaS product has since evolved into the company known today as Lightspeed and is now available in over 100 countries. Zhong was Global Director of Lightspeed Hospitality until 2018, when he co-founded Deliverect – a third-party food delivery aggregator that integrates platforms with restaurant POS systems. 

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Twice As Hungry with Mark Calabro and Shannon Hautot

  • 16 years on from starting the successful Australian point of sale system, OrderMate, Mark Calabro and Shannon Hautot have invested over $2 million in seed funding for another tech startup, HungryHungry.
  • OrderMate put Mark and Shannon in a strong position to understand the retail market providing point of sale software to over two and a half thousand Australian venues and has processed more than three billion dollars worth of food orders – that’s a lot of data. 
  • The subsequent knowledge that that’s brought, now has Mark and Shannon driving this new online ordering platform and QR ‘order at the table’ tech, with HungryHungry.
  • This is an interesting wave in mid-market retail at the moment, that previous guests Stevan Premutico and Kim Teo are also acting on. 
  • If you’re in hospitality retail – tech or ops – this is one to pay close attention to.  

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