Animal Feed and ProAgni with Lachlan Campbell

Lachlan Campbell, the Co-Founder and CEO of ProAgni – an antibiotic-free animal feed supplement company – opens conversation on the economics of animal food and what he’s doing to make a difference in the industry.

Lachlan grew up on the family sheep farm in Australia and has decades of experience in livestock production and farm management – as a specialist consultant, advising hundreds of family farming businesses on planning and long-term sustainability.

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AgTech and Soil Science with Dr Darren Hughes

Dr Darren Hughes met with 120 different investors during the first investment round of his AgTech company, Laconik. Since then, the total raise has pushed through AUD$1 million and has the support of venture capitalists and government.

Prior to Laconik, Darren held technical and management roles over a 20 year career as an agronomist.

He shares a tough story about his first industry job in the US, comes from a 4th generation family farm and aims to ‘explore ways to feed the world through science’.

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