Sweet and Chilli Global Drinks Agency with Cameron Northway

Founder and Managing Director of the Australian, New Zealand and Los Angeles arms of UK-based premier drinks consultancy, Sweet & Chilli – Cameron Northway – has worked for VIP clients like The Rolling Stones, Kanye West and Prince Harry over a two-decade long career in the beverage industry.

That career has led him to collect a long list of other involvements including: Rocker – a venue in Bondi, Cocktail Porter – a pre-made and DIY cocktail business, The Whisky Mill – an online rare whiskey store – and most recently, ATYPICAL – a hospitality design agency that has already developed F&B systems and experiences for some of the most luxurious developments in Australia.

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FELLR and The Seltzer Market with Will Morgan and Andy Skora

Co-Founders of FELLR, Andy Skora and Will Morgan join the program and share a fresh angle on the beverage world. In the highly competitive space that is seltzers, these two are doing incredible work to stand out. Both bring global experience from iconic beverage brands – like Red Bull, Jameson and Absolut – and each have spent time working with Pernod Ricard (as the astute listener will recognise with those brands).

Through FELLR, they’re striving to create something new and different to innovate in the fast-paced seltzer market. 

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Kaddy and The Beverage Industry with Mike Abbott and Rich Coombes

Co-founded by high school and university mates, Rich Coombes and Mike Abbott, who have each had previous entrepreneurial successes – Rich, with Batlow Cider, Capital Brewing and Will & Co Coffee and Mike, who co-founded Uber in Australia – Kaddy, was designed to evolve the antiquated methods of ordering and payment in the beverage industry and operate as a centralised platform to connect venues and retailers – to discover, order, invoice and pay.

Following an $800,000 angel investor raise in June 2019 and launch in September, June 2020 saw the business raise another $3.5 million dollars in an oversubscribed round to ultimately list names like KTM Ventures, SpringCapital and a previous guest and friend of the show, Stevan Premutico (the founder of Dimmi and me&u) all on their cap table.

Now, having grown to over ten times the size it was pre-COVID, Kaddy is rolling out across the East Coast of Australia with significant plans for the future.

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