Episode 71 – Not The Bat And Ball with Skye Blackburn

This ‘cricket’ doesn’t involve a bat and ball. It’s the insect that’s creeping in from Eastern cuisines. 

Skye Blackburn farms them, just outside of Sydney (with her business, Edible Bug Shop) and is currently expanding to a much larger site, due to their demand. 

She has a strong position on edible bugs and the future of insect farming – as an alternative protein and culinary ingredient.

Episode 70 – Cheers To The Queen with Jared Brown

The Queen does something everyday. Sometimes twice a day.

Jared Brown is the Master Distiller of Sipsmith (a London Dry style gin), author of over 30 books and drink historian. He shares wisdom from a career with incredible experiences and explains exactly what the Queen does every day.

Episode 69 – Wine With Purpose with Brendan Carter

Brendan Carter is the Founder of Ochre Nation, the holding company behind brands like Unico Zelo and Applewood. By highlighting Australia’s unique botanical offering, with a great story, he’s been able to build some very special brands.

Similar themes have been discussed with previous guests but you’ll soon see why Brendan Carter is different.

He’s not only an incredible mind, Brendan is an all-round great guy and brings a vibrant, passionate personality to the room.

It’s a pleasure to share our conversation together.

Episode 68 – Mr Yum with Kim Teo

Kim Teo joins us today to share her experience in the startup world and how she’s applied it to hospitality, with her digital menu application, Mr Yum.

During capital raising, Mr Yum attracted the attention of angel investors, bar and restaurant owners and Australian Venue Co to quickly and confidently cover the $700,000 they originally aimed for.

Kim is also a co-founder of Pitchblak, a startup incubator based in Melbourne and is active in the Australian startup community.

Episode 67 – Boost Juice, Franchising and Retail Zoo with Janine Allis

In just under twenty years, Janine Allis has turned a single juice bar in Adelaide, into an international brand with hundreds of stores – Boost Juice.

Her holding company, Retail Zoo, now also houses three other strong brands and demonstrates her abilities as a franchise powerhouse.

Janine is recognised for her position on Channel Ten’s Shark Tank, alongside successful investors like Andrew Banks and Naomi Simson – but more importantly, she’s a role model for Australians, young and old. 

Episode 66 – The Cask Whisperer with Jim McEwan

My guest today is one of the best known distillers in the world. 

Beginning as an apprentice cooper in 1963, Jim McEwan eventually came to manage the Bowmore distillery and then travel the world for another 33 years, as a judge, ambassador and distiller for Bruichladdich and The Botanist as well.

He was inducted into Whisky Magazine’s ‘Hall of Fame’ in 2014 and in the same year, founded Cape Byron Distillery with Eddie Brook (who you might recall from way back on Episode 16). 

They’ve been known best for their award-winning ‘Brookie’s Gin’ but are now beginning to produce whisky. I was invited to the distillery to taste the first drop, straight from the still.

This interview takes place on the balcony overlooking the famous Brook Farm and regenerated rainforest, so there’s a bit of ambient noise to note, but it worked as inspiration for the last interview Jim will have in Australia.

Episode 65 – Beautiful Booze with Natalie Migliarini

After leaving her job as a middle school home economics teacher, and then getting fed up after an eight year stint in the university system – during which, she was published in the National Mental Health Journal – Natalie Migliarini started an Instagram page called Beautiful Booze. That was in 2013. 

Now, through her media company with the same name, Natalie travels the world educating brand ambassadors on how to use social media effectively and has countless articles, recipes and resources on her website.

Episode 64 – Butter and Mint with Tom Wearne

Tom Wearne has performed nationally and internationally in bands like Tin Can Radio and Sleepy Tea – touring with artists like Emma Louise and Josh Pyke and received Triple J Unearthed spotlight and national radio play. His latest ensemble, Birdman Randy and The Ivory Street Preachers, has played at Brisbane’s live music venue, The Flying Cock, every Saturday night for the past five years. 

He’s a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and has recently started a boutique entertainment booking agency called Buttermint. 

Episode 63 – Partying Pre-Workout with Tony McQuinn

With a product that’s the first of it’s kind to be FDA approved in Australia, Body Armour provides a sort of ‘pre-workout for partying’.   

Tony describes how he has built his own business and some of the obstacles he’s dealt with along the way – like massive scepticism, business failure and how those lessons have then provided a platform for success.

We discuss marketing strategies and insights and what it takes to develop and differentiate a health product in a very competitive space.

Episode 62 – 1880 and Global Hospitality with Gibran Baydoun

After growing up around hospitality in the United States, Gibran Baydoun had different aspirations – to change the world through politics.

But instead of going to grad school, he wanted to work, and ended up landing his first management job at 21. 

Fast forward to now and his career has taken him all over the world with companies like the Hillstone Restaurant Group, Ralph Lauren (to open the Polo Bar), Momofuku (as the Director of Restaurant Operations) in New York, Marina Bay Sands and now, through his own consultancy in Singapore, he’s currently working at 1880

Episode 61 – Managing The Monarchy with Rob Scott

With roots in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley (where the show also began) Rob Scott, today, operates as the General Manager of The Monarchy in Singapore. 

The concepts in this episode are wide and varied – from deep creative ideas on human expression to strategies on developing a powerful customer experience.

Episode 60 – The Hospitality Survival Guide with Joshua Clifton

Today, I’m joined by Joshua Clifton, author of The Hospitality Survival Guide and Founder of MasterHost Coaching, a hospitality consulting business.

Josh also founded The Cafe Owners Network – one of the largest and most engaged Facebook groups of its kind in Australia.

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